Run for Kashmir starting 15th August

Take part in the biggest online run to raise awareness about the atrocities happening in Kashmir.

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Run or walk anywhere you want- your neighbourhood, local greenways, laps around your backyard or on a treadmill.

Upon completion of the Virtual Run for Kashmir, all participants will receive a digital certificate of completion⭐. You keep fit and at the same time play your part in raising awareness about the humanitarian crises in Kashmir.

**Disclaimer: Do not run on unsafe or closed roads. Follow social distancing guidelines and any other requirements set forth by local, provincial and federal agencies. NOT open to pedestrian traffic. This is a virtual run only, not a mass gathering.**

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Article 370

Gandhi’s concept of Satyagraha (the force that is born out of love and truth) has been put to death in Kashmir by theIndian government. The new “Kashmir vision” is undemocratic, ruthless and has created a political vacuum

Revoked Article 370.

30,000 troops deployed to Kashmir.

Human Rights violations.

Curfew imposed, making it impossible to survive.

Violence in Kashmir

With thousands murdered and millions injured by Indian Army. Kashmiris are not given even basic human rights.
Child abuse and Violence against women at ever higher rate.

Revoked Article 370.

30,000 troops deployed to Kashmir.

Human Rights violations.

United Nations Security Council Mediation

Cold War historian Robert J. McMahon states that American officials increasingly blamed India for rejecting various UNCIP truce proposals under various dubious legal technicalities just to avoid a plebiscite. McMahon adds that they were "right" since a Muslim majority made a vote to join Pakistan the "most likely outcome" and postponing the plebiscite would serve India's interests

Kashmir is Bleeding

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